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What is WikiWebServer?

WikiWebServer is a lightweight Java web server that provides a framework for rapidly developing advanced web applications.

By incorporating web-based code editing facilities, dynamic recompilation and automatic class reloading, WikiWebServer can be programmed to do almost anything using just an Internet browser from anywhere in the world!

WikiWebServer can handle HTTP requests quickly and efficiently making it ideal for developing interactive Ajax web pages.

WikiWebServer was created by JADS Limited and is used as a playground to develop, test and demonstrate new ideas.

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What makes WikiWebServer special?

Featured Examples

Dynamic Fractal Gallery

FractalGallery Image

Fractal Gallery is a WikiWebServer page that dynamically generates fractal images.

It is built from two classes, FractalGallery and Fractal. The FractalGallery class is responsible for generating an HTML page containing the dynamic fractal image and a gallery of snapshots taken by users. The dynamic fractal image is rendered by the Fractal class, which accepts a number of parameters to alter location and zoom level. By clicking the image, the parameters are set to zoom into the clicked region. Navigate Fractal Gallery.


Reformats web sites for mobile devices. Strips web pages of complicated formatting and resizes embedded images so that standard pages can be viewed on portable devices using minimal bandwidth. Surf within Mobiliser

Image Gallery

Generates thumbnails for directories containing images. Previewed images are dynamically scaled to fit the browser and links are provided to download each image in a range of resolutions. Image Gallery

Text to speech

Uses the free Java text to speech library, FreeTTS, to convert a passage of text into an audio stream. As with all WikiWebServer components, the text to speech capability can be used within other WikiWebServer classes. Text to speech

How does WikiWebServer differ from other Wiki-based sites?

Most Wiki-based sites online allow users to create page content in a predefined way using Wiki markup. WikiWebServer allows users to write Java source code which is compiled and executed by WikiWebServer to generate page content. Dynamic recompilation and class loading makes it possible to change the any part of WikiWebServer while it is still running (depending on start-up configuration).

Essentially this means that users are not restricted to creating static pages of text and images. Instead pages rich in functionality incorporating dynamic text, images and complicated Ajax features can be created.

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